The NAACP has officially roasted the most racist school in America, St. Mary's School in Lee, Massachusetts
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STICK A FORK IN 'EM THEIR DONE: The NAACP has officially roasted the most racist school in America, St. Mary's School in Lee, Massachusetts, under the racist and hateful leadership of Principal Jennifer "Karen" Masten and Fr. Brian McGrath. They both are the only school officials known in America to have expelled their schools' only Black female student- Black Star News Youth Journalist Nova Z (SEEN ABOVE)-the day before her birthday- even though she never did anything wrong during her five years attending the private, racist and hateful parochial elementary school.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) blasted St. Mary's School in Lee, Massachusetts with both barrels, now known infamously and forevermore as the "School Of Hate."

The Berkshire NAACP's Shirely Edgerton- along with the President of the most respected civil rights organization in American history, Dennis Powell, slammed the most racist school in America, telling The Black Star News that the conduct of SMS- years of hateful, racial targeting culminating in the 2020 birthday expulsion of the only African-American female student, Black Star News Youth-Journalist Nova Z by the ignorant-racist-pathological-lying-Karen-Principal Jen Masten- was "highly inappropriate."


That damning assessment of Masten from the iconic and legendary civil rights organization extended to SMS' creepy and detestable priest, Fr. Brian McGrath, who admitted on 2/25/20 that he spoke about his genitalia in front of Nova Z after Mass, and approved the racist expulsion six months later.

NAACP educational consultant Joel Priest ripped Fr. Brian's racist, deranged and oddball justifications for Nova Z's expulsion and the school's whole Nova Z narrative to The Black Star News with just one word:"Bogus."

Priest, who has been in the education profession for over 30 years said he has "never seen a child expelled for not doing anything themselves." The fact that Nova Z was Black just made St. Mary's conduct look that much more hateful and chilling an act.

The NAACP's take down of the racist, backwards, mostly white country Catholic school is just the latest disgusting and disgraceful incident to emerge from the avalanche of publicity the School of Hate has received since news broke on the wire of Nova Z's racist birthday expulsion early last month.

The first organization to drop the hammer on the "School of Hate" was the Lee Town Library, who trashed SMS Principal Jen Masten for attempting to drag down the impeccable reputation of one finest small town libraries in the country into the racist mud pit of Masten's twisted world of ignorant, hateful, fraudulent blurbs that tried to paint SMS students as superior than the "other" children of Lee who do not attend the most racist school in America. Worst and low down of all, instead of owning the shameful bigotry herself, Masten cowardly projected the fabricated hate blurbs on to public services librarian Rosemarie Borsody at the school's website's front page.


Soon after Black Star's report, the most racist school in America was forced to pull their white supremacist propaganda from the front page of their website attributed to the very anti-racist librarian, who ironically told The Black Star News SMS is way overrated and a really "bad" school.


Days later one of the most respected priests in the world, Father Kazimierz Chwalek M.I.C, friend of three popes -including Pope Francis- and provincial superior of the powerful international Order of Marian Fathers and the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts- told The Black Star News what Fr. McGrath and Jen Masten did to Nova Z was "outrageous" and "not right."



Meanwhile- spearheaded by Berkshire Black Lives Matter President Ray Moore- a total of sixteen BLM Chapters have signed up around the east coast and have been quietly planning a weekend of "massive unrest" from Vermont to Georgia all in solidarity with Nova Z.

"What Fr. McGrath and Jen Masten did to Nova Z is unacceptable. And when it comes to fighting bigotry and hate in the Berkshires, Black Lives Matter is the boots on the ground in the county. We have sixteen BLM organizations under our belt and they will be marching in solidarity with us when the Black Lives Matter-Northern-Berkshire-International-Partnership (BLMNBIP) soon sets up shop in Lee, Massachusetts. We are going to hold massive demonstrations in the town of Lee at a time of our choosing," Moore recently told The Black Star News.

That unrest will also include large BLM demonstrations outside the homes of Fr. McGrath in Lee, Principal Masten in Pittsfield as well as coinciding demonstrations outside the homes of Worcester and Springfield Bishop Robert McManus and Boston Archbishop, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley.

In May, Bishop McManus was picked up by police for driving under the influence. He was arrested after a hit and run accident in Narragansett, Rhode Island. "McManus is also charged with refusing a chemical test and leaving the scene of an accident, Narragansett police confirmed to WBZ-TV."

After his R.I. drunken-hit-and-run-bust, Pope Francis appointed Bishop McManus to be the Bishop of the Springfield diocese while also retaining the throne of the Worcester diocese. Both he and Cardinal O'Malley are the final arbitrators when it comes to the "School of Hate" and the outcome of the racist Nova Z expulsion.

Nova Z's father, NYC true-crime author Toby Rogers had some choice words for both McManus and O'Malley.

"I am willing to give the-busted-drunken-hit-and-run-Bishop a pass. For now. But Cardinal O'Malley is someone- as a devout Catholic- I admired for years for his outspoken sermons denouncing child abuse within the Catholic Church. Yet now in 2020, on his very watch- when a school's only black female child is abused and racially targeted by her white racist principal and degraded in a way that is so vile by a priest after Mass- Cardinal O'Malley has been AWOL since the end of August when I began communications with O'Malley's chief of staff, Stephanie Whelan. Both gentlemen need to get off their old-white-entitled-assess and either give Masten and Fr. Brian the boot and invite Nova Z back to school or shut the whole racist snake pit down entirely. The status quo is not an option. This is not some distant, far-off-situation. It is a cancer. And if untreated, it will spread to everyone either linked to it or who has enabled this kind of deep-rooted hate to metastasize in a Catholic-diocese and out into the community at large. That goes too for Jeffrey C. Riley, Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education and Gov. Charlie Baker. Shame on both of you for allowing this kind of bigotry and hate to go unchecked and unchallenged at a school on your watch," Rogers told The Black Star News.

Moore confirms he has been contacted by parents of SMS and other white townsfolk in Lee who want to join the movement to stand up for Nova Z and against hate in Lee. Moore and the sixteen BLM-East-Coast-Chapters "warmly welcomes all the support and love" BLM has been receiving from white progressives in Lee and the surrounding Berkshire towns. "Unless we all stand together, we will never really win the the fight against bigotry and hate in our community," Moore said.


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